The Eight Fold Path

Sayadaw U Silananda

Today I will share with you what the Buddha said about the Eight Fold Path. You all are familiar with the Eight Fold Path, because you are practicing it when you practice Vipassana meditation. So I do not need to explain in detail what the eight fold path is.

When you practice Vipassana meditation you try to be mindful of the object at the present moment. You have to make an effort to be mindful of the object and the effort you make is one factor in the eight fold path, Right effort. With Right effort, you try to be mindful of the object and you are mindful of the object. That means your mind hits the object. Your mind hitting the object is what is called Right mindfulness. When that Right mindfulness becomes stronger, you calm down and your mind goes into the object and stay there for a certain period of tim. That is called concentration. Concentration is one factor and this keeps the mind and it concomitant on the object. It does not let them be scattered and does not let them go to other objects so that is the nature of concentration or Samadhi.

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