The Knower and The Known

Sayadaw U Silanada

This time also I will explain to you a passage from the book, which is a collection of excerpts from Mahasi Sayadaw’s book. The name of the excerpt is called “The Knower and the Known”. I made a new translation of this to bring it closer to the Burmese original. It is from the book called “To Nibbana via the Noble Eight-Path”. In the book on the Noble Eight-Path, at one point Sayadaw wrote–

When Vipassana practitioner’s concentration becomes strong, the right thought directs is mind so that he correctly knows the object on which mind is concentrated. Following that directing the factor of Right View knows the object directly.

TẢI SÁCH EBOOK TẠI ĐÂY: The Knower and The Known

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