Panditarama Centers Around the World

Meditation Centers Under the Guidance of Sayadaw U Pandita
and His Disciples

Tathagata Meditation Center
1215 Lucretia Ave.
San Jose, CA 95122
Tel: 408 294-4536

Tathagata Meditation Center in San Jose, California offers short term retreats led by exceptional Burmese teachers who have trained for many years under Sayadaw U Pandita. They have also published these books for free distribution:

Silavanta Sutta by Venerable U Silananda
Destroying the Five Aggregates by Beelin Sayadaw
Spiritual Cultivation by Sayadaw U Pandita

Panditarama Shwe Taung Gon Sasana Yeiktha – Yangon City Center
80-A, Than Lwin Road
Shwe-Gon-Dine PO
Bahan 11201, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: 951 535 448, +951 705 525

Panditarama Lumbini Meditation Center
Lumbini Garden, Lumbini
Rupandehi District, Nepal
CDMA phone: 977 71 621084
Tel: 977 71 580118

Panditarama Lumbini International Vipassana Meditation Center is located in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha and one of the four main places of pilgrimage for Buddhists. Lumbini is located in southern Nepal, near the Indian border. Officially inaugurated on on February 7, 1999, Sayadaw U Pandita formed the Lumbini Center in cooperation with the Venerable Sayadaw U Asabhacara.

Panditarama Lumbini offers a supportive, comfortable and peaceful setting for dhamma-students seeking practice. The meditation method is intensive Satipatthana in the tradition of the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw of Myanmar. The center offers interviews and regular Dhamma talks in English. Meditators keep eight precepts and observe Noble Silence. Panditarama Lumbini offers an ongoing retreat year-round. Meditators may schedule individual retreats from a few days up to several months duration throughout the year.

Panditarama Sydney Meditation Center
70 Market Street
Smithfield NSW 2164
Sydney, Australia
Tel: 61 02 9729 2343

The Panditarama Sydney Meditation Centre (PSMC) was founded in 2000. They accept all meditators and provide food and lodging free of charge in addition to lectures on Vipassana meditation.

Saraniyadhamma Meditation Center
420, Lower Broughton Road, Salford
Manchester, M7 2GD, U.K.
Tel: 0161-281 6242

Manawmaya Theravada Buddhist Society
13260 108th Avenue
Surrey British Columbia Canada V3T 2J6
Tel: 604 951-9054

Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Center (MBMC)
355 Jalan Mesjid Negeri
Penang 11600, Malaysia
Tel: (604) 282 2534

Nirodharama Meditation Society
Lot 26265, Jalan, Columbia
32400 Ayer Tawar, Manjung, Perak, Malaysia

Vipassana Meditation Center
251, Lavendar Street
Singapore 338789
Tel/Fax: 0065-64453984

International Buddhist Meditation Center (IBMC)
GPO Box No. 8973, NPC 269
New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4784631, 4782707





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